This Land: Made for you + me.

Join us from 5-9PM on Thursday, Nov. 9th for THIS LAND, an event featuring Americana craftsmanship by local artisans Tallgrass Taxidermy, Lost Planet Forge, and D.Bake-Studio, whose works will be available for purchase.


About Tallgrass TaxidermyI am a taxidermist, ecologist, and primatologist from Des Moines, Iowa. My passion for animals began growing up on a farm in Iowa, where I raised dairy goats and rabbits for 4H and FFA. In college, after studying Primatology at Drake University, I transferred to UNI to further study animal behavior, anatomy and physiology, and conservation. Following graduation I spent four months volunteering and studying primates in Panama and Indonesia. In graduate school I studied Tibetan macaques in China and was inspired to teach others about the importance of ecology. Throughout graduate school I worked in a rendering lab preserving animal skeletal remains for scientific study and saw an opportunity to create taxidermy for the purposes of science, general public interest, and preservation of the beauty of individual animals. Tallgrass Taxidermy is committed to honoring and appreciating animals after their death, and inspiring people to learn about the ecology around them. 

About Lost Planet ForgeAs an artist I am compelled to make something beautiful.  As an outdoorsman, I use my experience in the wilderness to improve my designs and make a better tool.  As a medical illustrator, I try to incorporate organic forms and ergonomics to make these tools perform naturally.   And maybe I'm dreaming, but as a blade smith, I'd like to make a conduit to the outdoors you can hold in your hand.  Something halfway between man and nature that engages us.  A hunk of earth, carefully molded, that reconnects us to it and reminds us, when we are home again, of how awesome it was. All of the handmade knives are crafted using a mix of traditional and modern techniques.  These sporting and outdoor knives are a blend of science, artistry, tradition and passion.  In a world of mass production and digital assets, these knives are reminders of handmade quality and practical function.  Each has a character of it's own, but they all will bring you home from your next adventure with a smile on your face.

About D.Bake-StudioMy furniture is inspired by material and the symbiotic relationships that are created through contrast in line, shape, color, and texture. The materials I take in are puzzle pieces with inherent qualities that allow it to transcend its original intent or use. Initial concepts are rarely concrete, that way the piece is able to adapt throughout the process and create something unexpected, a sort of controlled improvisation. With this being said, my end result and state of mind is always furniture. Therefore I am persistently seeking out the material’s latent ability to create that perfect marriage of form and finish.

We’ll also be highlighting some of our finest domestically-made apparel lines, inspired and produced by the American work ethic—Freenote ClothWILD Outdoor Apparel, Red Wing Heritage, Stormy Kromer, and Sockwell—with giveaways, specials, and gifts with purchase.



About WILDThe “Mountain to Bar” motto describes a special lifestyle, unique to Portland and the rest of the Pacific Northwest, that brings together the stimulation of urban living and the fun and excitement of outdoor activity. As a design philosophy, MOUNTAIN TO BAR fuses American Heritage Style (outdoorsman, lumberjack, working-man), Street fashion fit and detail (informal, individual self expression), and performance technology(taken from authentic outdoor gear) to make garments that are equally at home in an outdoor or urban setting.

About FreenoteFreenote creates quality menswear manufactured in the United States. We source the finest materials and demand the highest level of craftsmanship. Our inspiration comes from real American culture, its timeless style icons, and personal experiences growing up throughout the US of A. Every input of a Freenote garment is considered. We believe the hardware used on a pair of denim is of equal importance to the fabric itself. The sourcing experience is planned and detailed, searching for what we consider to be the best of the best. Our goal is to create quality clothing that is built to last. We want you to be proud of the clothes you wear.



Derek Muse Lambert and Eric Kennedy will be performing live. Beer and refreshments will be amply provided.